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Thank you for visiting our website and supporting our small family run business. A bit about us…we are located in the heart of Northumberland, taking inspiration for our products from the beautiful Northumbrian countryside on our doorstep.

Alongside a medical herbalist we have designed, formulated and hand blended all of our products with nature and sustainability in mind. Created for your wellness, our aspiration is to create a happy space for a moment of calm and self-care, a chilled and tranquil space just for you where you can relax, smile and feel restored and in perfect harmony.

We can’t wait to create a moment…just for you xxx

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Our Products

Elysian Botanicals are so excited to introduce to you four families of products all designed to best suit your mood - uplift, calm, rebalance or soothe. Mists, aromatherapy pulse point rollerballs, gorgeous bath rituals, warming botanical teas and hand poured soy wax candles all lovingly curated to work in unison, individually or to suit what the day has thrown at you...mix and match to create your own moment of well being.

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A Moment Of Mist...

Transport yourself into your own oasis with a spritz of one of our mists. Each one of our hand-crafted room mists has been created to envelop the mind and soul allowing you to boost, balance, unwind and calm the spirit, creating a feeling of harmony wherever you are.

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Bath Ritual

Each one of our bath rituals is a thoughtful fusion of pink Himalayan salts and carefully selected herbs and flowers. Soaking in a warm bath even just once a week can help to moisturise the skin, boost mood, calm the mind, decrease stress, aid sleep, balance the body and soothe aching muscles.

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Botanical Tea

Making a lovely fresh and warming cup of tea is a simple and beneficial way to get all the good stuff out of your botanicals. Alongside a NIMH Medical Herbalist we have put together four well being wonder teas, beautifully blended to evoke a moment specific to your mood.

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Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roller Ball

Harness the power of nature, indulge the senses and evoke good memories with our hand crafted Pulse Point Roll On range. Immerse yourself in feelings of tranquility, joy, clarity and comfort.

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Create your own Retreat Box

Why not create a totally personalised moment of tranquil retreat for a loved one, a friend, or even just to indulge yourself, with our perfectly put together giftboxes. Create your own Retreat Box, to reset, rebalance and calm. Select anything from our handcrafted products and we will do the rest.

Our Retreat Boxes are completely bespoke and designed to suit the recipient, so if there is anything special you require please get in touch and we will work our magic.