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In Tune Botanical Tea for Focus - with Rosemary, Sage, Turmeric, Ginger.

Tea for Focus and Energy

Gather your thoughts and focus with our “in tune” botanical brew, tea for focus. Give your mind a lift with this brain boosting tea, spicy and delicious any time of the day. Ready, re tune and go.

Key Ingredients

Yerba Mate: A little Yerba Mate is added to this tea for it’s possible benefits in improving mental focus and alertness.

Rosemary: An excellent tonic for the brain, improving concentration and memory.

Sage: Is well known to improve memory and alertness in all ages.

Lemon Balm: Bright and sunny Lemon Balm not only lightens the mood but elevates it too. It also has a positive affect on memory and concentration.  

Lemon Peel: Notably adds a “zing” to the tea but may also be beneficial to cognitive function.

Turmeric: This unmistakable warming and fragrant spice has many wonderful properties. In this tea, we are using it for its earthy and spicy flavour and for its affect on mood and memory.

Ginger: Added for it’s potential benefits on memory, it’s warmth, feelings of wellbeing and for its fiery energy.

How To Brew Tea for Focus

1 Tbsp per cup, infuse for 3 - 4 minutes.

Boiling just the water you need helps to make every cup of tea as sustainable as it can be.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ana Leite
I’m in love!!

In Tune Botanical Tea - with Rosemary, Sage, Turmeric and Ginger is just MY CUP OF TEA!!
As soon as I smelled it and infused it, I fell in love! I simply added a bit of a teaspoon of honey to it and it was so delicious! I cannot get enough of it!!😳

Zingy and spicy!

A subtly exotic and alerting mix of flavours that is great to sit down with and savour. Yummy!

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