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Take A Moment Mist Gift Box

Each one of our hand-crafted atmosphere mists have been created to envelop the mind and soul allowing you to boost, balance, unwind and calm the spirit, creating a feeling of harmony.

Simply spray your chosen mist within the room or over linen, breathe deeply and allow the perfectly harmonised essential oils to work!

Gift Box Includes:

Balance Mini Atmosphere Mist (30ml):

A grounding blend of essential oils to harmonise the soul and balance both your mind and body. This blend will reroute feelings of frustration into peace and harmony and boost your sense of joy and bravery when facing life’s challenges. It will invoke feelings of confidence, stillness, clarity and vitality.

Cheer Mini Atmosphere Mist (30ml)

Bring a burst of joy and a smile with this uplifting mist. It has been blended to energise, stimulate and uplift your mind and body. The therapeutic essential oils will help diminish feelings of anxiety and stress while pepping the spirit and invigorating the senses.

Peace Mini Atmosphere Mist (30ml): Has been blended to evoke feelings of serenity and tranquility and relieve emotional stress. It will assist in grounding and balancing your emotions and promote feelings of optimism while calming any mood. (Spritz within the room or on your pillow for a peaceful night’s sleep or just simply for a moment of peace.)

Soothe Mini Atmosphere Mist (30ml): A soothing blend of essential oils created to offer comfort and solace. The comforting and grounding properties will connect, strengthen and steady both your body and mind whilst the revitalising aroma can provide energy on a stress filled day (along with a burst of joy) creating a serene space.

    Presented in a gift box, so all you have to do is give it to someone special (or yourself!) 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Betty Vincent
    Perfect mists, great value

    Absolutely love these little mists! Each one for whichever mood you are feeling. Such lovely scents and blends of oils, a feeling of relaxation and calm.
    Beautifully packaged, as always and a lovely personal card from Holly. Thank you

    Sharon Roxburgh
    Superb value for money.

    A delightful variety of scents which will perfectly match whichever mood I’m in. 😊
    Adorably packaged with a handwritten thank you card.

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