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Balance mini reTreat

Harmonise and balance. This is added ommmmm to your daily self-care ritual. Bring a little “Clarity” and “Balance” to the mind and soul with our mist and  roll on. “Relax” and be “restored “ in our bath soak or just  get  “tuned in” with our wonderful botanical tea.

Embody a feeling of equilibrium from the inside out. Breathe, re-set and re- balance. Perfectly hand crafted to balance alone or together!

In your mini reTreat box...

Mini Balance Mist (30ml)

A grounding blend of essential oils to harmonise the soul and balance both your mind and body, carefully combined to assist you in embodying a feeling of equilibrium.

Breathe, spritz, steady and….go with an enhanced focus and renewed spirit!

Clarity Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roll On (10ml)

Clarity has been carefully blended to promote harmony in both your mind and body. Simply roll on to wrist, temples and behind the ears to activate, then breathe deep and get on with the important things in your life…head space restored…

Mini Relax & Restore Bath Ritual (60g)

This thoughtfully blended botanical bath ritual has your wellness in mind. Curated to refresh and revitalise whilst helping the stresses of the day just float away…

Mini In Tune Botanical Tea (25g)

Gather your thoughts and focus with our “in tune” botanical brew. Give your mind a lift with this brain boosting tea, spicy and delicious any time of the day. Ready, re tune and go.

Inside the mini box you will find a companion booklet detailing the properties of each item 

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Balance mini retreat

Beautifully packaged treat. The pulse point scent lasts longer than others I have tried and smells amazing. Room spray is fresh, like a freshly cut lawn.

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