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Strength mini reTreat

In support of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month this April, we are donating ALL of the profits generated by sales of our strength mini reTreat to Bowel Cancer UK. Thank you so very much for your support.

Our strength mini reTreat has been created to assist you with what ever life may throw at you, whatever you maybe going though, this mighty box of STRENGTH will help you through. Each product has been carefully created to support you to keep doing you!
Strength comes from within and you have totally got this!

This box has been created in collaboration with two inspirational women my lovely sister Laura and the wonderful Natalie, who has become a true friend to both myself and my sister. Friendships formed in adversity are some of the strongest I have ever known.
We have created this box to raise money for a charity that is very close to our hearts. Both Natalie and my sister were diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 36, in light of this ALL of the profit made from this box will go directly to Bowel Cancer UK

In your mini reTreat box you will find...

Mini Peace Mist (30ml)

Peace has been blended to evoke feelings of serenity, tranquility and calm. Spritz within the room or on your pillow for a peaceful night’s sleep or just simply for a moment of peace.

Strength Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roll On (10ml)

Strength evokes feelings of wellness and vitality. This uniquely supportive essential oil blend provides a sense of resilience when needed most. Rosewood is able to induce optimistic feelings and allows you to gather a fresh, new perspective on life. Rose Otto is both soothing and sensual, it has a calming effect on your emotions. Cardamom provides clarity while Cedarwood is strengthening and grounding. Clove creates a feeling of protection and courage and Frankincense helps to invigorate the spirit, build feelings of peace, relaxation and a deeper sense of satisfaction.

Mini Relax & Restore Bath Ritual (60g)

This thoughtfully blended botanical bath ritual has your wellness in mind. Curated to refresh and revitalise whilst helping the stresses of the day just float away. We have blended Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender and Jasmine Buds with our salts. These clever little botanicals are able to create feelings of relaxation without dulling the senses. Stress, tension and anxiety will drift away as you lay back, relax and let your mind clear.

Mini Tummy Botanical Tea (25g)

Strength comes from within so on your bad days, soothe from the inside out with this tummy loving tea. Loaded with soothing and repairing herbs to help settle, calm and aid digestion, it will settle any tummy woes.


Perceived as a balancing stone, it is often recommended to increase self-esteem, self-worth while helping to bring resolution to issues. It is stone that is thought to facilitate change, variety and progress while helping to deal calmly with challenges. Rhyolite is believed to assist in fulfilling one's goals and making one's dreams come true, while strengthening the soul, body and mind. Rhyolite has strong associations with the Earth.

I would also like to say a HUGE thank you to Lora of Loracle Gems, who carefully selected and donated the beautiful Rhyolite's for the boxes.

♥️ A little about Laura and Natalie ♥️

Laura Hopkinson

Hello, I’m Laura. Thank you so much for buying this box and supporting such an amazing charity! It means the world to me and so many others. Bowel cancer U.K. is a fantastic charity committed to raising awareness about bowel cancer and providing support to so many.

I was diagnosed with incurable bowel cancer in January 2018 and since have undergone many surgeries and treatments to keep my cancer at bay. It’s been a tough 4 years but I am so thankful for all the advances in surgery and treatment that mean that I’m still here today spending precious time with my family and friends…living life! Non of which would be possible without he amazing support of charities like this.

This box of strength, has been created in honor of all the amazing people going through this rubbish disease and for all those lost too. To support a charity that does so much. Strength is not about humongous achievements or monumental feats, it’s about just getting up and getting on each day, carrying on regardless with determination, courage and strength. So this box is for you! You amazing human being! For whatever you might be facing! You are strong, you are beautiful and you are wonderful!

All my love. Laura xxx

Natalie Woodward

I’m Natalie and I’m supporting this cause very close to my heart.

I was diagnosed with advanced, inoperable cancer in my bowel at the age of 36 and went through some pretty extreme treatments over the years that followed, one of which was surgery that has changed my life forever.

During this time I have made many wonderful friends with similar diagnoses of advanced bowel cancer and sadly I have lost many of these friends to this awful disease, all young, all with their whole lives ahead of them, all with similar stories of being told they were too young to have cancer to having their symptoms dismissed due to their age. Their stories could have been so so different.

Amongst many other things, Bowel cancer U.K. is helping to raise awareness of this disease, the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer and they are also trying to change perceptions and challenge the stereotypes that bowel cancer is an old person’s disease. I truly believe that in changing attitudes and by educating people about Bowel Cancer it will help save many many peoples lives in future. This beautiful strength box has been created by Elysian Botanicals to help raise vital funds for this amazing charity.

We have chosen STRENGTH as the theme of this box. For me, having cancer made me realise a strength within me I never knew I had. I see strength as standing back up each time you are knocked down, it is being brave enough to speak out and ask for help when you are struggling, it’s carrying on despite the set backs and challenges…keeping going despite it all. The strongest people I know have been dealt the worst hands in this life but are still trying to make the best of it. I will always endeavour to do that too.

I hope this box helps you remember your strength. You have more than you know.

Natalie xxx

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