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Our Story

Hello, I am Holly the founder of Elysian Botanicals, formulating and hand blending our products, labelling the bottles and jars of goodness, parceling them up, taking the pictures and marketing…all of this is done with a HUGE amount of help from my family.⁠⁠
I have spent the last ten years living in Far North Queensland, Australia in a small town called Port Douglas! My move home a little over a year ago and the creation of Elysian Botanicals was spurred on by my sisters reoccurrence of Stage 4 Bowel Cancer and the realisation that life is short and none of us can afford to put our dreams on hold. ⁠⁠
My Mum is a Medical Herbalist so I have grown up surrounded by teas, tinctures and creams all of my life and she ignited my interest in the healing power of plants from a young age. My belief in the therapeutic and healing benefits of plants and essential oils has inspired my ambition to create the Elysian Botanicals range you see before you today. I now work part time in a Physic Garden (which is a garden for cultivating medicinal herbs) where on a daily basis I have the opportunity to immerse and surround myself with medicinal plants and expand my personal education surrounding the healing and wellness benefits of herbs and flowers.⁠⁠
Elysian botanicals was a dream of mine, and I am so proud to see it to fruition. Created from passion and hard work. Every bottle, candle and tea handcrafted, I am so proud of all we have achieved and I cant wait for you to join me on your journey to wellness.

Our Mission

Mental health is paramount, now more than ever. Self-care and well-being go hand in hand  and this is at the heart of Elysian Botanicals. It is the very seed from which the idea was born. Created for your wellness, our aspiration is to create a happy space for a moment of calm, a chilled and tranquil space just for you where you can relax, smile and feel restored and in perfect harmony. Our mission is well-being, to live more mindfully, to slow down and find time for yourself, to bring that wonderful comforting feeling of calm back into your day to day life.

Prior to moving back to Northumberland I spent the last ten years living in Far North Queensland, Australia where nature is in abundance, the weather is truly amazing and the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef were, literally, on my doorstep. Our way of life is something I wanted to recreate now we have returned back to the UK, a sanctuary or space, a moment and a feeling.

Elysian Botanicals was born.

Elysian Ethics

Relaxation & self-care feels so much better when you know that the products you're using are ethically sound. We are all about the good stuff here at Elysian Botanicals. We want to bring you extraordinary quality and high end luxury whilst being conscious about our footprint on the environment.

Its Good stuff, made from good stuff, packaged in good stuff. All our products are hand made with love from only the very best ingredients. All sourced here in the UK supporting other independent businesses like ourselves.

We are passionate about animals, our cats Ivy, Cocoa-Bean, Dexter and Squirrel can vouch for us. We do not test on animals and do not use any animal derivatives in our products, we only purchase raw materials from companies who share our ethos.

You can be assured that every product you buy from Elysian Botanicals is ethically sound, sustainably sourced without compromise to our wonderful jars and bottles of wellbeing.


We only use the finest natural ingredients in our products, therapeutic grade essential oils, flower hydrolats and organic dried herbs and flowers straight from nature. All of our products are always 100% free from: Parabens, SLS’s, Mineral oil, Sulfates and Artificial colours.

Our Bath Rituals, Roll-ons and Botanical Teas are 100% natural. In our mists we do need to use a preservative to make sure our beautiful essential oils and flower hydrolats remain fragrant and perfect for your use. This preservative is part plant derived, part science and only makes up 1% of your mist.

All of our products are hand crafted with love here on site in small batches to ensure that every product is of the highest quality and just perfect every time.


All our packaging, just like our products are ethically sourced within the UK with the environment and carbon footprint in mind. Your gift will be delivered in a box made from recycled cardboard that can be recycled, our bottles and jars come wrapped safely in bio degradable bubble wrap and wood wool.

I know its sad when you have burned all of your candle or finished your bath ritual, BUT there is good news…both candle and bath ritual jars were designed for reuse, we would love to know how you up cycle them, tag us in your creations. Although our bath ritual glass jars can be popped in to the glass recycling bin, we want you to reuse them - watch this space for our bath ritual refill bags!

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