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Aglow Botanical Tea - With Elderflower, Chamomile, Ginger & More - for Comfort, Soothing & Calming

“Aglow” is a comforting and soothing blend of gently warming fragrant herbs. Brew a cup of “Aglow” and take a moment to feel cosy and content.

Hand blended, hand poured, wrapped by hand, packed by hand with hand written notes. We do everything by hand in our Northumberland workshop to ensure we are making the most beautiful, natural blends for you.

Key Ingredients

Elderflower: Sweet and gently uplifting.

Chamomile: A comforting cup of chamomile tea will help relax all parts of your body - easing you into a state of comfort and relaxation.

Fennel: Deeply warming and balancing, fennel is soothing and comforting to the digestive system.

Cardomom: Warming, fragrant and comforting, Cardomom will lift your spirits and calm your mind as well as your digestion!

Heartsease: In folk-lore, Heartsease has been used for hundreds of years to bring comfort, cheer and ease to the heart.

Ginger: Feel the warmth of ginger spreading through your body imparting a sense of well being and energy.

Orange peel: Found to have positive effects on pleasure, contentment and calming centres in the brain.

How To Brew

1 Tbsp per cup, infuse for 3 - 4 minutes.

Boiling just the water you need helps to make every cup of tea as sustainable as it can be.

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