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The Perfect Eco Gifts – Natural Handmade Botanicals Gift Sets

The Perfect Eco Gifts – Natural Handmade Botanicals Gift Sets

A box to unwrap that says you care.

When buying a gift for our closest family and friends the ultimate goal is to find something they will love and perhaps didn’t know that they needed. We don’t think there’s a better gift to send (or receive) than one that boosts their wellbeing. Maybe it is a sprinkling of joy to brighten their day, a comforting and calming scent to help them slow down, take a deep breath and relax or just a little gift to say “hey treat yourself.”

Every one of our gift boxes is packed full of powerful essential oils and organic herb and flower blends. Not only do they smell amazing and are a pleasure to use but they also can provide a great night’s sleep, a moment of calm or a much needed boost of energy!

Keep reading to learn more about our wellbeing gift sets and find a perfect eco gift for everyone.

In conjunction with a NIMH qualified medical herbalist we have designed, formulated and hand blended our range of natural and organic essential oil and botanical blends, all with your emotional wellbeing in mind. Each range has been designed to complement your current mood and lifestyle.


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Balance Mini Retreat Eco Gift Set

The perfect eco gifts - Balance mini retreat gift set
Harmonise and balance. This is added ommmmm to your daily self-care ritual. Bring a little “Clarity” and “Balance” to the mind and soul with our mist and  roll on. “Relax” and be “restored “ in our bath soak or just  get  “tuned in” with our wonderful botanical tea.
Embody a feeling of equilibrium from the inside out. Breathe, re-set and re- balance. Perfectly hand crafted to balance alone or together!

This eco-friendly gift set includes:

Mini Balance Mist (30ml)

Clarity Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roll On (10ml)

Mini Relax & Restore Bath Ritual (60g)

Mini In Tune Botanical Tea (25g)


Comfort Mini Retreat Essential Oils Pamper Eco Gift Box

The perfect eco gift - Comfort mini retreat essential oils pamper eco gift set

Slow down, take a deep breath and reconnect. Realign the body, mind and spirit with our little team of products designed for a little contentment. If you’re feeling in need of a little “comfort”, a spritz of our mist or a dash of our “soothing” pulse point roller would be  perfect.  “Nourish” your mind and body with our bath rituals or find a comfy seat and have a cup of warming and comforting “Aglow”.

Designed to be used in unison or on their own to envelop the spirit and soothe the mind. 

This eco-friendly gift set includes:

Mini Soothe Mist (30ml)

Comfort Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roll On (10ml)

Mini Nourish Bath Ritual (60g)

Mini Aglow Botanical Tea (25g)


Calm Mini Retreat - Eco-Friendly Gift Hamper

The perfect eco gift - Calm mini retreat eco gift hamper

Relax and unwind with our dreamy range of products designed to create a tranquil moment promoting peace, harmony and sleep. Soak away the worries of the day in our “Serenity” bath ritual or find a moment of “Peace and “Tranquility” with our  relaxing mist and pulse point roller. A cup of “Hush” tea will finish the mood perfectly.

Use together or alone to evoke utter tranquility.



This eco-friendly gift set includes:

Mini Peace Mist (30ml)

Tranquility Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roll On (10ml)

Mini Serenity Bath Ritual (60g)

Mini Hush Botanical Tea (25g)


Joy Mini Retreat Aromatherapy Eco-Friendly Hamper Gift Box

The perfect eco gift - Joy mini retreat aromatherapy eco gift hamper

Ready, set, smile…this positively pepping set of products is guaranteed to provide a burst of joy! Create your happy moment with a cheery spritz of our “Cheer”  mist and a hint of “Joy”  with  our roll on and our oh so “smiley" positivi-tea! Not forgetting our “Relaxing and Restoring ” bath soak to uplift, energise and boost the senses.   All perfect alone or use in sync for added positive pep.




This eco-friendly gift set includes:

Mini Cheer Mist (30ml)

Joy Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roll On (10ml)

Mini Relax & Restore Bath Ritual (60g)

Mini Smile Botanical Tea (25g)


Aromatherapy Pulse Point Roll On Eco-Friendly Gift Box

The perfect eco gift - aromatherapy pulse point roll on eco-friendly gift box

Harness the power of nature, and indulge the senses with our hand crafted Pulse Point Roll On range. Immerse yourself in feelings of tranquility, joy, clarity and comfort.

Pure essential oils are blended in to handy sized bottles...perfect for your pocket…a little bottle of positive energy on the go.

Simply roll on to wrist, temples or behind the ears to activate, then breathe deeply and get on with the important things in your life…head space restored…

This eco-friendly gift box includes:

Clarity Pulse Point Roll On: 

Comfort Pulse Point Roll On:

Joy Pulse Point Roll On: 

Tranquility Pulse Point Roll On:


Bath Ritual Eco-Friendly Hamper

The perfect eco gift - Bath ritual eco-friendly hamper

Herbal bathing is an ancient practice that was highly valued and dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. Our ancestors knew the importance of staying connected to mother nature & the healing energy of water.

Each one of our bath rituals is a thoughtful fusion of pink Himalayan salts and carefully selected herbs and flowers. When placed into a hot bath the beneficial properties of the herbs and flowers are released into the water, a delicate aroma will fill the air providing soul therapy and skin therapy all in one!

Soaking in a warm bath even just once a week can help to moisturise the skin, boost mood, calm the mind, decrease stress, aid sleep, balance the body and soothe aching muscles.

This eco-friendly gift box includes:

Nourish Bath Ritual (60g)

Pure Bath Ritual (60g)

Relax & Restore Bath Ritual (60g) 

Serenity Bath Ritual (60g)


Take A Moment Mist Eco-Friendly Gift Box

The perfect eco gifts - Take a moment mist eco-friendly gift box

Each one of our hand-crafted atmosphere mists have been created to envelop the mind and soul allowing you to boost, balance, unwind and calm the spirit, creating a feeling of harmony.

Simply spray your chosen mist within the room or over linen, breathe deeply and allow the perfectly harmonised essential oils to work!

This eco-friendly gift box includes:

Balance Mini Atmosphere Mist (30ml)

Cheer Mini Atmosphere Mist (30ml)

Peace Mini Atmosphere Mist (30ml)

Soothe Mini Atmosphere Mist (30ml)

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